Earth Temple Design Centre cc profile:

Earth Temple Design Centre provides a comprehensive architectural and sustainable design service for residential, commercial and institutional  clients, as well as the dream get away holiday retreat space (even as small as 50 sq/m is a meaningful project when going green). It has earned an impeccable reputation for design, detailing and use of quality natural materials with an array of projects throughout the country.

Earth Temple Design Centre is born out of a design ethos which embraces sustainable homes, green buildings and landscape design. The firm seeks to create spaces which are inspired by its landscape, its people, and its heritage. The result of this is a design philosophy which allows for, and encourages, an integrative process where knowledge is both shared and gained by all involved in the project.

 The process is collaborative and dynamic: the firm listens carefully to clients’ ideas to refine each design until it exceeds all expectations. These changes need to start from within; as a pebble is dropped into a pond with the ripple effect causing the desired results. Every phase is fully supported right from first sketch to final touch-ups.

With a firm hand on the budget and schedule, Earth Temple Design Centre insists on the most appropriate materials to enhance the feel and bring alive the vision with the best construction standards. The firm includes the best craftsman in timber, steel and stone from Southern Africa specializing in quality detail work, innovative techniques and design. Full advantage is taken of all the elements, earth, fire water and air with the use of local resources such as stone, straw, latte, bamboo, lime and natural ochre.

Earth Temple Design Centre’s goal is to incorporate both modern and indigenous designs to help improve the standard of living and wellbeing of the dwellers, through creating an experience of the built environment by defining spaces that are healing, nurturing, uplifting and energizing. It emphasizes the importance of the community and environment in their projects.

By building sustainably, Earth Temple Design Centre enhances the awareness of more natural and low- impact living environments, plus their practical workability. Innovations include configuring buildings to be heated, cooled, ventilated and lighted more efficiently, specifying green and recycled construction materials, buying renewable energy while harnessing solar, wind, geothermal and biomass energy, and exploiting available emerging energy technologies.

In seeking to optimize a building’s energy usage and overall sustainability, Earth Temple Design Centre supports alternative energy systems, identifies local resources and skills, optimizes passive heating and cooling, supports methane production for cooking and heating from sewerage, and integrates permaculture food gardens and medicinal nurseries for absolute sustainability

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